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3 Man Event Registration

STEP 1. Register for an APPA ID Number

  1. The First Step is to Register for a FREE Player ID Number from the APPA's Web Site.
    If you played in a CFOA Event in 2005, then you have already registered with the APPA and can skip to Step 2.
  2. Click here for New Player Registration Form
  3. Fill out the entire form so that your Player Profile can be tracked through the APPA's Paintball Player Tracking System.
  4. You will receive an e-mail with your APPA Player ID#.
    Keep this number and your password because you will need this information EVERYTIME you register for an Event!

STEP 2. Register Your Team for an Event

Next, you will need to register your Team for an Event. Click Here to Register for a PBC 3-Man Event (CFOA's Web Site). On the Registration Page, click the drop-down box and select the Event/Location in which you want to play. If you have already created your Team Profile, you can go to the next section Log Into Your Team Profile, otherwise, read below.

Create A New Team Profile

STEP 2a. Create a New Team Profile

  1. The next step is to create your Team Profile in the APPA System.
  2. At least one(1) player must have an APPA ID Number in order to create a new Team Profile. (The creation of the Team Profile is most likely done by the Team Captain / Owner)
  3. Click the Link on the Registration page to create a new Team Profile.
  4. Fill out the form to create your new Team Profile in the APPA System. Make sure you use your complete APPA ID Number to register the new team.
  5. Make note of your Team ID Number!
    You can use this Team Profile to register for other events!
  6. Click SUBMIT when you have filled out the form. Go to Step 4.

STEP 2b. Log Into Your Team Profile

  1. Enter your TEAM ID NUMBER and the PASSWORD of the Player who created the Team Profile.
  2. If you want to automatically load your Team's Roster from the last event, click the check box "Load Roster from Last Event".
  3. Select the DIVISION that you want to register your Team for in this event. (Rookie or Intermediate)
  4. Enter the APPA Player ID Numbers for all of the players on your team. There is a maximum of 5 players per 3-Man Roster. If you do NOT know the Player ID Numbers of the people you need to add to your roster, you can come back later and add them to your roster BEFORE the registration cut-off time!
  5. Click the SUBMIT button to complete the registration for the Event.

STEP 3. Pay the Event Entry Fees

STEP 3a. Pay Online with PayPal or Credit Card

  1. Afer you complete the Team Registration, you should see the list of Teams that are currently registered for the event.
  2. Teams can submit payment with their Paypal Account or Credit Card via Paypal Payment Systems.
  3. To submit payment for your Teams Entry Fees, click thebutton next to your Team Name.
  4. You should receive e-mail confirmation from Paypal.
  5. Once we receive and process the payment, you will be able to your team displayed as "PAID".

STEP 3b. Pay at Paintball Central Retail Store

  1. In order to pay at a retail store, you still have to register your team with the APPA online by following the instructions above.
  2. Go to the retail store of your choice and tell them you want to pay for your 3-Man registration.
  3. You need to provide the Sales Associate with the following:
    • Team Name
    • Team Captain's APPA ID Number
    • Which PBC Sports Park?
    • Young Guns or Intermediate Division
  4. you will be able to your team displayed on the APPA Site as "PAID" within 24-48 Hours.

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PBC 3 Man Information

APPA ID System Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of the ID System?

The primary purpose is to provide a means of verifying a player's identity and event participation history in an easy, convenient, automated manner while preserving each player's and promoter's control over their own information. Additionally, as the APPA ID System database grows, APPA will begin to acquire a significant amount of aggregate information on the people who play paintball. APPA hopes to leverage this aggregate information to promote the sport to interests outside of the industry.

When do I need an APPA ID card?

You will need an APPA ID Card to play in the CFOA 5-Man, CFOA X-Ball and PBC 3-Man Series. Players are urged to register for an APPA ID Number and purchase an ID card before the date of the event!

How does the system work?

Players first obtain an APPA ID number by registering online. Events using the APPA ID system will require each team to provide a roster of the APPA ID numbers. Once a team is registered, their roster is checked to verify eligibility for the event. The promoter is provided with a list of each player's APPA ID Number, name and birthdate so that each player's identity may be checked against the roster on-field.

Who has access to my information?

Your identifying information will only be shared with other parties when you use your APPA ID to register for their events (you'd be giving them this information anyway, this just saves you the paperwork.) Additionally, aggregate data about APPA ID Card holders will be made available to the industry for general promotional purposes. Your Name, Player Class and Event History are considered PUBLIC INFORMATION.